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Who can use Paylend? – Everyone can use it, Yes?

Paylend is built to serve the whole community at large, hence our slogan; Building Local Economies. It is built to provide financial solutions, based on the already existing African financial culture.  Our solutions revolve around credit management, as well as transparency within fundraising and distribution of funds.

Accessing goods and services on credit is a culture that has kept us going. Through this service, we have been able to fulfil our daily needs. Everyone has that one favorite stall, that is their one quick stop. These roadside stalls that offer credit channels experience stunted growth, as they lack enough cash flow to expand their businesses. The fact that they channel credit and record it manually is of no value to their businesses, as these records are often lost or tampered with . As a result of this, conflicts arise between the business and the customers. The businesses then fail to restock, due to insufficient funds.

Paylend aims to ease the supply chain and credit management between suppliers, retailers and consumers. It offers a de-risked credit management system that connects all the key players in the retail space. By providing a digital footprint for the MSMEs, Paylend empowers them, and turns them into small fund managers.

Fundraising is a culture that embodies the true African spirit of generosity. We always come together to support a family member or a member of our community when there are reasons to give. To run a successful fundraiser, you need to inspire trust.

Paylend offers a monitoring tool which:

  1. Fosters visibility of causes
  2. Offers credibility on how much was channeled and how the funds are used.

By locking funds to specific features, Paylend ensures beneficiaries use funds for the intended purpose.

Join the Paylend community and let’s build local economies.

You can join the Paylend community as a:

  • Customer: We provide an effective, easy and convenient way of accessing goods and services on credit.
  • Shop keeper: We facilitate credit management by providing a digital footprint for your business.
  • Organization: We foster transparency, accountability and credibility of funds within crowdsourcing and distribution of funds.
  • Individual: We provide a monitoring tool to foster transparency and accountability in fundraising.
  • Supplier: We enhance credit management between the supplier and the retailer, and provide data that eases the supply chain.


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