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Tips for a successful fundraiser – Changisha

We all know the basics of a crowdsourcing campaign; Start a fundraiser, state your cause, and share it as far and wide as possible! However, being more meticulous and intentional with your fundraiser will see it generate more funds. At paylend, we call it the SMART way of running a crowdsourcing campaign.

The SMART framework provides guidance on how to create a realistic fundraising goal for your donors, by following the steps below

  1. Be Specific on who you are helping, and how. While several donors are willing to donate funds, they might not understand how they will be making a difference, if your fundraiser details are ambiguous. Specific goals bring clarity and transparency to the donors, thus inspiring a sense of trust in your fundraising.  
  1. Ensure your goals are Measurable, to help measure momentum. This helps communicate progress which drives donors to support your cause. This will also boost motivation, each time a milestone is reached.
  1. Ensure your goals are Attainable. This is to ensure your supporters are not demotivated.  A desire to do good unchecked by reality may lead to setting goals that are unachievable. Once the supporters feel they are not getting anywhere close to the goal, they may give up.
  1. Ensure your specific, measurable and attainable goals also Relate to your mission and vision.  The goal for every fundraiser is to create more awareness to your cause. 
  1. Finally ensure your fundraiser is Time-bound by creating a deadline. This is to create urgency and  motivate donors to hit the target.

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