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The growth of MSMEs.

MSMEs are vital drivers of growth for large companies, and the lifeblood of communities. They contribute approximately 40% to the GDP. Yet, many continue to struggle with multiple challenges. 

MSMEs  need to move towards a more holistic approach to enterprise support. This joined-up approach will  strengthen the underlying ecosystem in which MSMEs operate. 

Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are key business partners along the value chain – as suppliers, distributors, retailers and customers. They create access to untapped low-income markets. 

  • As retailers, clinics, pharmacies or service providers, they reach both rural and urban households with goods and services. 
  • As traders, farm shops, veterinarians and advisors, they support farmers. 
  • They are also key to building prosperous, healthy communities, and can bridge the formal-informal divide. 

MSMEs are essential partners that power business growth, and achieve positive social impact. As such, they are critical to the achievement of the SDGs. It is upon us to take up the initiative of strengthening them, with the aim of fostering growth. 

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