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Online Fundraising – Changisha na Paylend

Fundraising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations or governmental agencies. Getting people out in the community to raise money for a good cause is important for building character and team unity. Funds are raised to support capital projects, endowments or operating expenses of running projects.

Traditionally, fundraising has consisted of asking for donations through face-to-face meetups. However, as the  internet is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, it is important to seek new methods of raising funds. Online and mobile fundraising has become a popular fundraising method due to its many benefits.

Based on statistical data:

  • Organizations that are open with their data receive 50% more in donations than their counterparts.
  • 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online, and this number is growing on an annual basis.
  • Making your “DONATE” button stand out on your initiative can result in a 190% increase in donations.

This is proof that there is a direct link between shared information and greater fundraising results. Well, now that we have the statistical data out of the way, let’s get back to the juicy part of how to make your online fundraising a success. But first, what are the benefits of online fundraising?


Online fundraising is useful for the following reasons:

  • It is cost effective.
  • It saves time.
  • It is easy to analyse results.
  • Improves donor relations.
  • Expands reach on who can donate.
  • It is fast to implement.
  • It is easy and convenient.


Online fundraising can be one of the most comfortable and most productive ways to receive donations. It takes more than just creating an initiative to achieve the best outcome. Below are some of the tips and tricks for getting the best results when using an online fundraising tool:

  • SET A GOAL: When setting a goal, you must first determine what you see as your ultimate result. Being specific in the context of fundraising means being clear on your financial goal and what meeting that goal means to you. Adopt the SMART WAY OF FUNDRAISING.
  • TELL YOUR  STORY: Any story worth reading is going to grab your audience’s attention. As social creatures, human beings are designed to learn through stories. This is because stories contain a magic ingredient. As a storyteller, you share your message by using words to conjure up ideas full of images, actions, sounds and sensations. Basically tapping into people’s emotions.
  • USE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media has quickly become the most popular way to engage with your community. Once you have effectively developed your social media presence, you can post invites, updates or  pictures and your supporters will respond.
  • SHOW APPRECIATION: It is important to build donor relations. This can be done by sending “THANK YOU” messages to the donors. The Paylend system is designed to send automated appreciation messages to the donors. If someone is willing to donate money to your cause, odds are they care about your cause and might be willing to get involved in other ways.
  • USE PAYLEND’s CHANGISHA: Paylend is a digital platform for crowdsourcing that offers transparency and accountability of funds. Using this platform makes it easier to fundraise, generate reports and disburse funds therefore ensuring there is visibility of funds.


Donate or create your fundraiser today with PAYLEND at https://www.paylend.africa/changisha-service