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Grow Your Business With Paylend; Inua Biashara – Business Credit


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a vital role in Kenya’s economy. Kenya’s MSMEs contribute approximately 40% of the GDP with the majority falling in the informal sector. They also contribute to over 90% of the total labour force and play a key role in poverty reduction and economic development. Additionally, they are a source of innovation, competitiveness, goods and services, and entrepreneurial skills. There are over 7.4 million MSMEs employing approximately 14.9million Kenyans in various sectors of the economy.

MSMEs cover a wide range of establishments in almost all sectors of the economy. Despite the critical role that they play, MSMEs are confronted by market imperfections. They have difficulties in accessing adequate, affordable and timely credit; face ineffective marketing due to inadequate resources and are unable to scale.

Despite the policies and initiatives introduced by the government to address these failures in access to finance and markets, access to formal financial services and products and the cost of credit is still a challenge for MSMEs.

Over the years, traditional sources of financing for MSMEs have revolved around savings, loans from friends and family and other informal sources. For this reason, MSMEs face challenges in raising finances to support their entrepreneurial pursuits. There is need to address the unmet funding demand by bridging the financial gap. With the dynamics of the economy in Kenya changing, there is need to support and empower MSMEs financially.


Paylend is a fintech company that aims to build local economies and provide sustainable growth for MSMEs in Africa by providing financial solutions. Paylend in invested in supporting and growing businesses for the MSMEs.

Through INUA BIASHARA; Paylend seeks to provide support to MSMEs by extending credit. With access to funds, MSMEs will be operational during financial difficulties.


  • Access to funds: Business owners get access to funds regardless of their monetary value. Paylend offers a convenient, easy and efficient way to access funds to boost your business.
  • Low interest rates: Paylend offers business credit with very low interest rates; as low as 2.5%; It offers an affordable way to access business credit.
  • Real-time disbursement: The system is designed to allow instantaneous transfer of funds to the businesses’ Paylend accounts.


To access Inua Biashara;

  • Download the Paylend App on playstore.
  • Sign up by providing your details.
  • Login to the App.
  • Register your business.
  • Provide your business details.
  • Make an Inua Biashara request.
  • Funds are instantly deposited to your Paylend account.

Grow your business with Paylend. Sign up on Paylend today! Download Paylend on plastore.