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Embracing the new way of planning finances – Vouchers

Most people tend to spend everything they earn due to lack of financial discipline, self mastery and self control. We are good at creating budgets at the beginning of the month, however we lack the art of sticking to our budgets, and even end up taking loans to sustain ourselves. Vouchers are a resolution to help you master the art of financial discipline. With Paylend vouchers, you can plan your monthly expenses by allocating vouchers to your every need and be sure you will not be able to spend it on other purposes.

Paylend vouchers are advantageous to everybody. For instance, if you have an irregular income as a freelancer, one of the advantages is that some months, you have a lot more money than usual. However, the downside to this is that other times, you also have less than expected. Vouchers can help balance this; on the days when you get a surplus amount, you can allocate the funds to vouchers (these can be bought in advance, and do not have an expiry limit). This will ensure that you are able to keep your spending at a constant; which also helps in planning.

You do not need a financial manager to help you plan your finances. The habits you create allow you to bridge the gap and stick to your plans. When you run out of willpower, try clever ways to stay disciplined and keep your financial plan on track:

Similarly, If you are among those who send money back home for your parents’ upkeep, then you might have at one point struggled with balancing your finances. It is an arduous task to keep sending money daily; at the same time, when you send money to the shopkeeper in bulk, you are not sure whether every shilling has been used, or whether some of the money is being pocketed by middlemen. Sending a voucher instead of cash will ensure that your parent’s needs are catered for, and that every shilling is accounted for. It will also help in planning for future allocation of funds to send back home, as you are able to see which voucher is used quicker, between the butcher, the grocer etc.

Financial planning does not need to stop with you; vouchers are the perfect gift for a friend. The task of gift giving is an arduous task; what if you get them something they don’t like, what if you get them something they already have? Fortunately, with vouchers for the local restaurant close to where they work or live, you can be sure they will be thankful. This way, they get to decide for themselves when to use your gift. You can do the same with vouchers for their local butchery, or local supermarket. What a thoughtful gift; one you can be sure will be used and appreciated!

A voucher is the tool that helps everyone; from the farmer, to the butcher, to the shopkeeper, to the accountant…vouchers are for everyone, including you!

As we plan to step into financial discipline, Paylend implores you to embrace the individual voucher system. Let’s step out of the paperwork and try new ways, let’s go digital. Paylend voucher system is the resolution.