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EastAfricaCom Inspiring Leader of the Year Award 2021.

Home to the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa is accelerating its transformation and leading the way with tech innovation and impact investment. Africa is also home to 1.3 billion people, served by 100 million-plus Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. Unfortunately, most of these enterprises have experienced stunted growth over the past decades. Traditional forms of business operations have clouded their destination and put a ceiling to their growth.

At Paylend Africa, we are on a mission to digitize these enterprises one at a time as we turn them into bankable small fund managers. We believe for the economy to grow at a macro level, grassroots enterprises need to be well served. The goal of our company is wealth creation and self-determination by mentoring the people to embrace togetherness and sharing. We believe that it is through a collective effort that great things can be achieved.

It is therefore always a reason to celebrate , when these efforts are recognized. John Kamara, Founder of AdaLabs Africa, won the East Africa Com Inspiring Leader of the Year Award 2021. This is a testament to his passion for encouraging Africans to create solutions to African problems, through use of technology, while ensuring that the continent has a foothold in the fourth industrial revolution. The Paylend team is proud to have stemmed from AdaLabs, to call Mr Kamara our very own leader, and most of all, to become an embodiment of creating African solutions to African problems.

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