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Discipline Finance – Achieving Financial Freedom

Financial discipline involves maintaining a high level consciousness on how you manage your funds. It is making wise financial decisions while meeting short, medium and long-term commitments. Financial discipline begins with having a budget in place. Mind you, creating one is simple. Sticking to the budget is the main challenge.  It is important to note that if we are able to deny ourselves instant gratification, the long term advantages far outweigh the short-term pleasures. 

The primary reason for financial problems in life is lack of self discipline, self mastery, and self control. Most people tend to spend everything they earn. Adding salt to the injury, they even go a step further to supplement their spending by taking loans and credit card debt.

It is high time that we expand our financial knowledge and skills. Being practical about how we budget is the initial step. A budget allows you to establish projections or plans in advance to efficiently manage your finances. These projections and plans should dictate your financial behaviour at all times.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have embraced working remotely, homeschooling in addition to the daily household chores. Though they may seem overwhelming, these tasks have been made easier thanks to technology. Most people’s daily routine has been disrupted to this effect. A lot has changed in terms of our schedules, our sleeping patterns, our meal times and even, our spending habits. 

Money spent on transport is no longer a pressing issue. However, electricity and home supplies are being used more frequently. We need to consciously work on our finances in these unprecedented times.

Paylend Africa has come up with an easy and convenient way of planning personal expenses. Imagine being able to allocate a specific amount of funds to a specific need e.g money for food, for entertainment, etc. With this kind of tool, one can plan ahead for the entire month and avoid the mid-month crisis of resorting to applying for loans to meet the ever increasing daily needs. 

It has never been easier for you to achieve financial independence. But you must make a resolution to do it, and then follow through no matter the distractions. Let’s embrace the culture of discipline finance. For a start , the Paylend Voucher system is your immediate solution. Ultimately, the discipline wont go unrewarded. It is the small steps we take that will get us to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.