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College And University Students Misuse Funds. Pata Voucher Fostering Financial Discipline


College/university is a transition phase for students in many ways. Most students go to college to acquire skills and qualifications that would get them better jobs and eventually, allow them to lead better quality lives.

From the financial point of view, this phase is peculiar. This makes college students spending statistics worth analyzing. Most individuals end up with outstanding debts as a result of going to college. This is because there is a marked difference when it comes to financial independence.

According to research conducted in 2018, 51% of college students were financially independent while the remaining 49% received financial support from their parents/guardians.

Below are expenses that students incur;  

  • Rent.
  • Food.
  • Utilities.
  • Course materials.
  • Entertainment.

This is proof that the total spending by college students can be classified into two categories. The first one comprises essential needs while the second category comprises non-essential or discretionary spending.

With a great deal of uncertainty now surrounding the future of college education are related to expenditures, students and parents need to plan in advance for the likely costs that they may require to meet.


For most people, college is their first money management experience. However, many students are not prepared to manage their own finance. Poor personal money management has led to students dropping out of school.

Parents recognize the need for their students to have basic personal finance knowledge but do not have the know-how. Both parents and students should understand that it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. By practicing basic techniques, students can feel confident about their ability to manage finances.

Paylend offers easy solutions to help students avoid making these common money management mistakes.


Paylend is a fintech company that aims to provide financial solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Paylend locks funds to specific utilities to ensure they are used for the intended purpose.

Through PATA VOUCHER, Paylend seeks to help individuals conform to the spending and saving plans they have set so as to achieve their monetary goals.


  • Pata voucher locks funds to specific utilities to ensure funds are used for the intended purpose.
  • Pata voucher allows users to gift funds to their family and friends in form of vouchers. While locking them to specific services, you are certain funds will be used for its purpose.
  • Paylend issues lifetime vouchers (they do not expire).
  • Real-time disbursement of funds. The system is designed to allow instantaneous transfer of funds to the beneficiaries’ Paylend accounts.
  • Paylend voucher outlets are diversified (retail/health/education/agriculture/utilities/lifestyle).


To access Pata voucher;

  • Download the Paylend app on Playstore.
  • Sign up by providing your details.
  • Log in to the App.
  • You can top up a voucher to your account.
  • You can gift a friend a voucher.
  • Funds are deposited to your Paylend account.
  • Funds are redeemable at Paylend registered premises.

You do not need a financial manager to help you plan your finances. The habits you create allow you to bridge the gap and stick to your plan.

Download the Paylend App on Playstore and start your journey to financial freedom today!