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School fees prepayments Explained in simple terms.

The second quarter of 2021 marked the beginning of resumption of normalcy to our country. Even as the pandemic is yet to be curbed, we are slowly re-opening restaurants, businesses, ways of life…and very crucial to our parents and youth; schools are once again opening up their hallways, for learners to acquire an education .

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Effect of Covid-19 on parents with school going children

Even as we celebrate things going back to a regular pattern, some challenges are encountered in trying to step back into the rhythm of life as we knew it. Financial constraints tops this list. Parents have to find the delicate balance between catering for food and shelter, as well as education. However, this is no cause for despair, as technology has evolved to offer tailored solutions for parents with school-going children.

Paylend solutions to ease the burden of school fees inadequacy

Similarly, the use of a voucher ensures that the money is safe, as the details on the voucher will be that of your young one, as well as the school. This eliminates the risk of your child losing the money on their way to paying it at the bank. 

School fees is not the only way you can use vouchers as a parent; you can also give your child their pocket money in the form of a voucher. For instance, if they had a food voucher from the local University café, or a shopping voucher from their local supermarket within the university premises, then you can be assured that your child is spending money on important necessities, and not impulse buying. This enables them handle their finances well. They are also then conditioned to make good decisions, such as balanced meals as opposed to snacks. Similarly, given that these vouchers will be locked within university institutions, you can be guaranteed that your child is not using them on untowardly items, such as drugs and alcohol. 

The Paylend voucher can be used by several different groups, not only individuals. For donors and organizations looking to support and keep children in school, the dilemma always exists, between wanting to help, and not being sure if the funds you are sending are actually being used for the intended purposes. With Paylend, the funds sent can be locked into a specific cause, such as school fees. This seals the loophole for any misappropriation of funds, as the vouchers can only be redeemed at the school, for school fees.

The same applies for other needs you as the donor may have taken on, such as shopping, or food. There is a voucher for each need. You can similarly gift the benefactor a voucher for pocket money, ensuring they will only use it in specific stores, for specific causes. 


Paylend is bringing a new era of transparency, accountability and convenience into the world of education, and we welcome you to be a part of the transition, and the new dawn!

Embracing the new way of planning finances – VOUCHERS

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